Yacht Maintenance and why is so Important to keep up with the scheduled 

Are you a yacht owner? or you just thinking to buy a yacht? Are you worried about its maintenance and care? Are you interested in yacht maintenance solutions? It is a fact that the yacht owner has to invest in getting a gorgeous yacht. It represents that you have spent much on having it in your dock. It is your asset you have a substantial investment. You need to protect it and go for continuous maintenance. It will preserve its value and increase your profitability. In this article, I shall depict some essential tips and innovative tricks to maintain your yacht and improve its quality and market value.

How much does it cost to run a yacht for a year?

its all depend but on average, a yacht owner pays 10% of yacht value for its maintenance and operational capabilities. Costs of insurance, docking fees, and fuels are part of this 10%. It may vary depending on the condition of the yacht.

 There are other factors too. If you have a new yacht, the maintenance expenditures will be lower. If you have bought a used yacht, its maintenance will require a higher budget. You may have an insight into maintenance costs while purchasing the yacht. Your broker or previous owner will give you better information.

Why yacht maintenance?

Maintenance of yacht is not only an imperative act but also offers you a peace of mind. You surely have a concern about the safety of yacht boarders and users. If your yacht is more significant, you should be more anxious about its maintenance. Larger yachts are more complex and need to maintain on a more massive scale. You need yacht maintenance due to several factors:

  • Preservation of yacht value
  • Increase in durability
  • Functional capabilities
  • Safety of users and crew
  • Preparing it for resale and enhancement in market value
  • Modernity and innovations
  • Installation of add on and new features

How to do yacht maintenance

You may maintain and look after your yacht in the following ways.

  • After purchasing the yacht, you may ask the previous owner or broker about the yacht maintenance schedule. You need to get a complete insight into the last program of yacht maintenance and service. The process must be done thoroughly through discussion with a salesperson, or you may hire an expert maintenance service,

  • You need to go through the manufacturer-provided user manual. There will be a lot of information about maintenance and care.

  • You may plan your maintenance and cleaning schedules with the help of insight got through the previous maintenance schedule and user manual. When you use your yacht for some time, you may start maintenance.

  • You may consult a professional yacht maintenance service provider if you are unaware of basic yacht maintenance specifications. You should never wing and neglect the care and cleaning of your yacht. You must always adhere to the standards of the yacht maintenance manual and hire a service provider.


Your Yacht Maintenance Schedule



If your yacht is 40 feet or larger, it means that it will sit in water full time. If it is the scenario, you need to give special care and maintenance. In the Gulf of Mexico, the salinity level is more significant than other ocean waters, so it is corrosive. If you are a boater in the Gulf of Mexico, you need to keep it in mind and be more regular about the care of your boat. It is crucial to stay on the top of your ship. So be careful.

Though you don’t need exhaustive care to start regular care and maintenance, you must set a schedule. For this purpose, you may have a look at the user manual you got from the manufacturer and also the yacht service provider. It may help you create an ongoing permanent schedule for your yacht maintenance.

Washing and cleaning 

You may clean and wash your yacht once a month. But if you want your vessel to be excellent and best performing than others, you may schedule its maintenance on a bi-weekly base. You should wash and clean up the outer and visible side of your yacht regularly. Remove and do way with streaks and dust. You should eradicate any bird droppings.

 polishing and scrubbing 

If you want further, uncover your yacht and wipe down upholstery, clean the metal and polish it thoroughly. It will increase the life span of your yacht. You may further scrub the woodwork and make it shine. Don’t bother about paying 2-3 dollars for exterior maintenance and cleaning. It is an investment that will pay you in the long run. You may hire a professional to clean the inner side of your yacht, which includes dusting, countertops renovation, toilets, sinks, and more.

Bottom Cleaning

If you are working on once a month rule and go for maintenance accordingly. But in a hotter environment, you may do it more frequently. You may be lazy in cold weather and have a longer interval for yacht maintenance. You should give importance to cleaning off the barnacles and the bottom side of your boat. You should not neglect it. For long term care, the clean hull is essential for scheduled maintenance. It will ultimately increase the performance of your boat.

Role of diver on your yacht

You may hire a diver to wash the hull from the waterline and beyond it. It ensures the eradication of barnacles, algae, and other marine life from your boat. It is crucial for performance and enhancement in the life of your yacht. Your diver should clean out all barnacles below the water and minimize their growth. You may just pay 2-3 dollars per foot for complete maintenance of inner areas and underwater side of your yacht. Some service providers work on an hourly base.

There is a higher growth of algae and barnacles where the water current is relatively higher than average. In this scenario, you need more frequent maintenance. You may have an insight into cleaning methods from the local dock master or nearby yacht owner. You may start the process according to their recommendations.

Systems check regularly 

If you want a pleasant and fantastic performance, you may carry the system checks. Make sure that all system is functional and operational. You should regularly maintain air conditioners, pumps, exhaust and intake systems, batteries, coolant systems, and fuel. A lubrication check is also essential. These tools are crucial and must be operational. You must have a regular look at these systems. You may check these things by yourself or hire a yacht service provider. You must opt for regular checks during the season. Once a month is an essential rule, you may have to spend $200-250 for a typical size yacht. These professionals may provide you a complete maintenance report and recommendations for further steps.

Waxing the boat

Waxing is another essential feature of your maintenance venture. The sun exposure is an essential factor in this respect. You should wax the top side of your boat entirely after three to six months. When you color the hull in blue or black colors, it will increase the durability and performance.

Air conditioning maintenance

If you are boating in Florida like seas, you must regularly care for the air conditioner of your boat. You must use acid flush the air conditioning lines on your yacht. It must be done every six months. You need to ensure proper cleaning, and if anything is stuck on the lines, you must remove it immediately.


Engine,Generator Service and other mechanical parts

The annual service of your yacht is essential. You may not opt for an overall haul out, but you may start it for the bottom and running gear maintenance. It is similar to a car service. You need to tune the main engines, transmitters, and generators. The budget varies according to your bat size, engine types, and performance. It ultimately depends on your vessel how much you need to spend on it. If you go for a haul-out, you may pay approximately $30000. In this, you may thoroughly perform service of bottom and running gear. It is for standard yachts. If your yacht is more significant, you may expect more.

Bottom repair and maintenance 

Yacht maintenance experts consider repainting after two years to be enough. But for more excellent performance and feasibility, you may haul out your yacht once a year. It may help you to check its conditions and repaint the bottom of the hull. You may perform this during annual maintenance and service. When you clean barnacles and algae from the bottom, the paint starts thinning, and it deteriorates. The repainting costs vary from vessel to vessel. It may generally cost $50 for afoot.


Additional Important Maintenance

  • Beware of corrosion! You may check your boat after each trip. It is good practice for safety and durability. You must inspect the visual parts of the engine room to close any leaks and other issues. Have a hose down to remove salt particles.
  • Do have you a yacht maintenance log? You need to enter all maintenance work into the log. There must be all the dates and other details. You may have an insight into all maintenance done with dates. When you need to sell your boat, you may show it to your prospective buyers.
  • You must ask the mechanic to pull oil samples from engines, transmitters, and generators and take these samples to the lab for testing purposes. You may know the condition of engine components and solve the issue before it is too late. You may keep this record or future. Detecting any fault is crucial, and will save you a lot of money down the road.

How to choose best yacht engine 

There are a lot of manufacturers and vendors of yacht engines. No one is better than others for every feature. We may recommend an engine manufacturer according to your yacht size, horsepower, and the application of your yacht. If you want a smaller yacht engine in the range of 300-700 HP, you may buy from Cummins. If the requirement is 850-1950, then you should go to the CAT. You may contact MAN if you are comfortable with the 800-1800 horsepower engine. MTU manufacture 1200-2600 horsepower range. Volvo is reputed for lower horsepower engines.

Yacht Engine Manufacturers

You may ask an expert to recommend the best performing engine when you are reconsidering to purchase a yacht. A yacht broker or salesperson may give you the necessary information and recommendation. Here is the info about significant engine manufacturers:

  • Mercury Marine manufactures marine engines for 40-foot boats or less. The company has a global network of vendors. When you have a powerful engine in mind, it may be your top choice. They have an extensive line of stand-rives and inboards. They are now exploring the larger boats and yachts also.

  • MTU is in the manufacturing industry since 1900. It is a subsidiary company of Rolls Royce power systems. Its 4000 series diesel engine may give you operational hours of 180000000. They develop engines for yachts, commercial ships, and passenger boats.

  • Caterpillar Marine Power system manufactures a variety of engine types. It builds engines for cruisers, fishing, and pleasure crafts. The company has a customer base, and it is a reputed company.

  • MAN is another company that has been in the industry since 1758. They have a history and offer new engines with a superb protection system.

  • Volvo is famous for its innovations in the marine industry. They cater to the superyacht needs and also manufacture engines for 60-120 foot yacht. The range of their drivers is vast in varieties and performance. They offer stern drive engines for powerboats.

  • Cummins have a worldwide reputation and support. They are the first choice of boat owners, and you may choose them for your power plant. They have been building recognized brands of yacht engines since 1919. They have a more comprehensive network of vendors and provide extremely robust engines.

Yacht components

More often, the yacht owners hire professional maintenance service providers and leave the servicing to these professionals. Some may do it by themselves to have an understanding of the components of the yacht. Here are some elements of the yacht for your information and insight. It may help to learn the yacht and its parts thoroughly.



Coolant Coolant is another essential component of the yacht navigation system. It is as important as oil. You may consult manufacturer manual for complete guidelines about the maintenance of coolant. These coolants, because of a reduction in corrosion, improve the boiling system, and engine by-products do not cause harm. Coolants also stabilize engine temperature.

Fuel & Lubrication

 You need to look after fuels and lubrication systems at regular intervals. You may provide a solution to saltwater intrusion and corrosion. You must regularly clean the fuel tank and ensure all the sediments are removed. You may replace filters. Emission control is essential in modern engines, and there must be additive fuel. You must use proper fuel oil after consulting a professional and according to manuals.

You need to remove clogged filters and lousy fuel pumps. Because they cause fuel starvation, if the fuel pump leaks, it may cause issues. If it happens, the pump bearing gets obsolete quickly, and fuel pressure is affected.

Cylinder Heads and Engine Blocks

An expert mechanic may check the diesel system with a visual check. You must have head bolts, and valve timing adjustment checked and maintained. You follow the instructions for decreasing closely and also have a look at the user manual. You must also hire an engine expert for a detailed assessment.

Transmission and gearbox

The transmission system is essential for the yacht. You must check it regularly and consult a transmission professional if there is some serious issue. It is a fact that most transmission issues are deceiving.


 Turbochargers make an engine to take more air and burn more fuel by compressing them into the cylinders. A clean and healthy turbocharger boost the engine is 6 to 8 lbs per-square inch (psi). it is very important to clean the filter, turbine and blower-side of the turbocharger for getting the most out it. 


 Exhaust manifold and Air Intake

You must monitor the smoke discharge and maintain a proper exhaust system. Though a small amount of smoke is to something, alarming t requires a checkup. You need to examine air filters on a regular base to increase engine life and performance.

Yacht Electrical Systems

Usually, the yacht owners hire an electrical engineer or mechanic for electrical work. But if you have a little insight, you may check it by yourself. You must maintain batteries and look after them regularly. The wire connects must be maintained and adequately sealed. If there is a problem with bulbs, replace them.



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