Mechanical Engineering: An overview of our service

Are you in search of mechanical engineering service for your industry? Do you need a budget-friendly engineering service with top-quality expertise and skill? It is a fact that in today’s environment of rising costs and increasing competition, a manufacturer has to come up to these pressures. A service provider needs to manage margins skillfully. Hire us! We are a reputed mechanical engineering service. We optimize your engineering process according to your custom industrial needs and requirements. We offer fast delivery and reduce your expenditures. We ensure the proper utilization of your resources. We boost your business efficiency and broaden market share.


Why our mechanical engineering expertise

We provide our clients with innovative and creative mechanical designs. We work according to your budget. We have the upper hand over the traditional engineering services concerning modernity and innovations. We are a team of expert, reactive and versatile mechanical engineers with qualification and certification for the purpose. We may rehabilitate your product and provide a brand new product. The depth and scope of our services reach beyond your expectations. Here is a short overview of our skills and experience:

  • Research-based conduct of feasibility, design, and completion of project with complete operational performance.

  • Seasoned and skilled project planning and management, provision of a comprehensive evaluation of costs, estimate reports of design specifications, system and machinery.

  • Designing, fixtures and equipment insights

  • Professional and standardized analysis of dynamics and vibration of mechanical equipment and structures

  • Excellent standards of maintenance according to schedules and program timeline, guidance to project maintenance crew

  • Complete and reliable investigation into mechanical and unexpected operational issues

  • Selection of durable, branded material.

Unique solutions

Hoss Design USA team provide customized solutions to your industrial and manufacturing set up. We offer our services to solve these issues and set up new mechanical engineering systems and installations.

  • Our seasoned engineers help you in developing and manufacturing your machine designs, handling equipment and turnkey systems.

  • We provide in house services and give a complete insight into progress and timeline. We assure our clients the successful completion of project components and elements.

  • We keep you aware of every step of our development to ensure your custom needs are met.



what can we do for you ?


we can :


  • Overall research, planning, designing and evaluation

  • 3D mechanical design

  • Assembly process

  • Assessment of performance

  • Inspection and providing CMM reports

  • Provision of reverse engineering services

  • Automation of mechanics

  • Private labeling services

  • Manufacturing

  • Developing the product

Industries Served:

Hoss design USA offer mechanical engineering services for a variety of industries including marine, Automotive, aerospace, construction, energy and much more.

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Most up to date tools

Our capabilities include tooling, die making and machine designing. We are innovative and progressive and provide services to our clients accordingly. We may design and craft new industrial tools which are not available in the market. We are creative in:

  • Progressives dies and tools

  • Complex and high precision prototypes

  • Reverse engineering and update of obsolete machines

  • Field services and machine development at your industrial place.

Fundamental 3D mechanical design


fundamentally, mechanical plan administrations give the essential parts and structure to accomplish the item’s expected capacities. Numerous modern structure firms can plan the outside of the item with 3D demonstrating however, despite the fact that they can look extraordinary, the utilitarian necessities are regularly not represented. What’s more, makers will regularly dismiss these records, which can make expensive update and building not far off. The entirety of this can be limited from the beginning, by using an expert plan and drawing in their mechanical structure administrations.


Consolidating Mechanical Design with Industrial Design


Sturdiness is characterized by various materials, latches, get together segments, and so forth. Capacity is accomplished through apparatuses, circuit sheets, and different components at play inside the development. An accomplished mechanical fashioner can recognize purposes of breakage in a modern structure and plan out the fundamental inward operations to guarantee the item will last, while adequately playing out its capacities. In this manner, it is progressively compelling to consolidate mechanical and modern structure all the while to build up a stylish, strong and working model. Make that idea a stride further-does your development require electrical parts? Consider mechanical plan benefits that join modern, electrical, mechanical, and prototyping


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