Yacht repair & Maintenance, Scheduled Maintenance and Yacht management in south Florida


In cooperation with Kessler Offshore Engineering & Salt Yacht Equipment we provide complete marine fabrication services and scheduled maintenance, including a fully computerized design of custom-made parts, repair and restoration, yacht repair and maintenance, yacht welding, custom made parts, railing and ladder, pluming and pipe work for yachts and super yachts in South Florida.

Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled or Planned maintenance is a useful tool for making your operation more efficient and always functional. We can implement planned maintenance schedules custom designed to the yacht owners need that will ensure that the vessel is always “ready-to-go”. Although the vessels needs differ from client to client, some tried and true ways to be successful include organizing your assets, using planned maintenance software, training and executing properly and building planned maintenance checklists. With these tools and methods, your team will spend less time putting out fires and more time looking for opportunities to improve.  Planning maintenance in advance allows you to properly allocate resources to the job, so that you have the time, personnel, and tools you need, when you need them.

Yacht repair & Maintenance

We provide yacht Repair and maintenance services, We have capabilities to perform fabrication and mechanical services such as: yacht structural repair, hydraulic overhauling and general mechanical services. Repair and maintenance of super yachts is also available and it is important to mention here that the services aren’t just restricted to South Florida. We have the capability of proving riding / sailing repair crews, as well as foreign port for yacht repair and maintenance services. The quality of our yacht repair and maintenance is guaranteed. We are a one stop shop for your yacht repair and maintenance.    








Marine Custom-Made Parts 




In addition to yacht repair and maintenance we are also provide Yacht custom parts that can also be fabricated. If there is any part that needs to be replaced or any part is not available in the market, we can develop yacht custom parts by 3D designing and manufacturing your yacht custom parts to individual specification. Whether a custom part is needed for your yacht, super-yacht or a cruise ship, we can provide a solution. We are also capable of providing high quality yacht custom parts manufactured in many alloys to replace the failing units. We have a workshop in Fort Lauderdale, we cover south Florida and Miami. Call us for your yacht custom made parts.




Yacht Railings and Ladders

Fort Lauderdale based custom marine metal fabrication for yacht custom railing, handrails, radar Arches, Davits, Dinghy lifts. Swim Ladders and Platforms, We can customize yacht ladders and railings in mirror finish stainless steel and aluminium. Custom design of the yacht railing and ladder can be designed with our designers on system in accordance to your specifications. Mirror finish polishing can be provided, and we take care of the aesthetics of ladders and railings while fabricating them. Contact us with any inquiries that may have for mirror finish yacht railing and ladder.


 In addition to yacht repair and maintenance we provide yacht welding services in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, for anything from structural steel to boiler. We are specialized in providing custom metal fabrication and yacht welding in south Florida and are capable of carrying out welding operations under all the circumstances. We have the capability of providing welding for stainless (all grades), steel, aluminium, cupro-nickel and exotic alloys. Class certified welders can be provided. Feel free to contact us for any yacht welding inquiries.   

Yacht Stanchion 

We can provide innovative solutions for your yacht Stanchion needs. Our workshop located in Fort Lauderdale for any of your yacht stanchion needs.

Plumbing and Pipe work

With time, many issues arise with the plumbing and pipes in a yacht. Rotten pipes and plumbing elements can be repaired. We have the facilities to fabricate, weld and assemble new piping and plumbing elements for your yacht, Different materials can be used for the fabrication of yacht piping and plumbing elements and the choice of material is in accordance with the application of element. All types of materials, stainless steel, aluminium, plastics, and copper-nickel are available for the manufacturing of yacht plumbing and piping elements.  Contact us with any inquiries that you may have for yacht plumbing and pipe work.

Yacht Exhaust

Yacht exhaust services are also available. We can design, manufacture, and install exhaust systems in all materials. exhaust systems of the yachts are of great importance and their manufacturing requires specialized skills.

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