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we provide complete service from design to manufacturing, fabrication and installation.

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Affordable 3D Technology

"Years ago, if I wanted to make a better brake light lens for my grandpa's antique motorcycle,
I had to spend thousands of dollars to make a mold.
Today, 3D design, 3D technology, powerfull 3D Design softwares and 3D printing has changed this process!"

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Reverse Engineering

Do you need a 3d design of a part?

Or maybe you have an unreliable part or product that needs an improvement? We can help you improve its quality, reduce its cost or make it function better.

our expert and experienced 3D designers will redesiged it using 3D technology and 3D modeling softwares.

3D Design & Modeling

Do you need a tool, jig, fixture or a machine to improve your production process or make your work safer, faster and easier?

We can help you make a 3D model and 3D design and have it made for you.


Concept Development &


Do you have an idea to make a product?

Do you have a concept in mind that you need to bring to life ready for manufacturing or prototyping?

Are you an inventor with an idea that needs to be design ?

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